Wiess Traditions

These are just a few of the many, many traditions which Wiessmen hold dear to their hearts.

Summit: In early fall, every Wiessman is invited to Summit, a day-long retreat at the beach (or on a boat depending on what era of Wiess history we’re in) to discuss issues at the college and devise plans for the year. Summit is an awesome chance to soak up the sun and play in the sand while bonding with your new Wiess friends and getting to know the upperclassmen. It is also a great way for freshmen to have a voice in matters at the college and, most importantly, a great time.

Filmfest: Classes are over and finals are fast approaching. How does your college make sure you’re prepared for finals? That’s easy: by playing movies for twenty four consecutive hours. We play movies from all types of genres, from midnight to midnight. It’s a great time to relax, unwind from studying, and watch one or two or ten movies with your family at Wiess. The experience is made even better by our legendary movie room, with countless couches, a state of the art projector, and blacked out windows for premium viewing experiences. Filmfest can be the perfect way to take a study break or to procrastinate—whichever you prefer.

Ubangee: A Ubangee is, first and foremost, an expression of love. The Ubangee combines the fun of piling on top of your friends with the simple joy of grunting. Every Ubangee has a victim, who is forced to lie helplessly under a pile of gyrating Wiessmen and one brace, who crouches over the victim to protect them from physical harm. After a satisfactory number of grunts have been emitted, the Ubangee ends with three triumphant, loud, and slow cries of TEAM WIESS.

Pumpkin Caroling: Been wondering what to do on Halloween now that you’re too old for Trick-or-Treating? Wiess has the answer: Pumpkin Caroling. Every Halloween, Wiess elects a College Idiot, who wins the honor of rallying the college with an inspirational speech and serving as the Great Pumpkin. Then, with candles, song lyrics, and tasty fall treats in hand, we parade around campus singing caroling melodies with modified lyrics. The entire event is magnificent, but it gets even better when we visit the library.