Team Fun Friday Wiess 1/20

We hope you had a wonderful holiday break! We are excited to see what the new year will hold for Wiess and Rice.
We would like to invite you and your families to come to our Team Fun Friday Wiess event this week from 3-5:30 pm in the Wiess Acabowl. The weather is supposed to be beautiful, and we will have grilled food, games, and music to celebrate the weekend. Please come by if you have the chance!
An important update:
From now on, all events sent to this Wiess Associate Listserv will also be posted to so that there is a centralized location where you can find all of the events and information that you need. Hopefully, this will help in case you accidentally miss or delete an email. Please email me at if you have any questions.
Hope to see you on Friday!
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